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HR Management Factors and Expatriate Policies

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Staffing Policies

Ethnocentric: parent country nationals + when: lack of qualified host nationals


  • maintain corporate culture
  • need to transfer core competencies
  • examples: Proctor and Gamble

Polycentric approach: host managers manage host subsidiaries

  • less expensive
  • fewer cultural clashes
  • example: Unilever, but hard moving to transnational form

Geocentric: merit system regardless of nationality: problems--national laws; cost

Quite often, the firm's strategic and cultural orientation will determine whether HCN, PCN or TCN is used. Ethnocentric firms tend to use HCNs, whereas Polycentric firms (who use local talent) are happy to deal with the cultural differences involved. Geocentric firms may use a mixture of HCNs, PCNs, etc., depending on individual merit.

The Role of HR Management

Selection issues + who + career progression

Preparation +familiarization and orientation + training + inclusion of family members

Adaptation + help with local regulations + mentoring

Repatriation + information on return position + making use of expats. experience


DEFINITION OF Spouse, unmarried Spouse and not available
DEPENDENTS children under 21 or working full time on an undergraduate degree. unmarried children through age 22 leaving with employer at home  
SELECTION Manager’s request Typically to fill a critical need A few are for development goals Unavailable Purpose: develop upper level managers who have international expertise
COMPENSATION Compensation based Home country Headquarters
BASE LOCATION on home country approach - base pay calculated at their home country rate (plus associated assignment allowances). approach approach - all U.S. expats paid based on N.Y Headquarters salaries with allowances calculated based on N.Y. as the home location
HOUSING Expat is paid a housing/utilities differential work country rate less home country amount of current rent or mortgage/utilities time of assignment Hypothetical housing deduction based on salary level and family status All housing + utilities paid in work country Housing differential paid using NY housing norm
RELOCATION One month base pay Flat amounts Lump sum equal
ALLOWANCE when departing and repatriating paid for departure and return $2600-single $3500-married to 10% of base salary - up to $10,000
TEMPORARY 2 weeks in home Eligibility Eligibility
LIVING location prior to departure 2 weeks in work location upon arrival; expenses paid begins 1 year after start of assignment. May request lump sum payment. after 7 months on assignment and in 12 months intervals thereafter.
HOME LEAVE Accrues at 12 month intervals, beginning with the first anniversary from assignment start date. Can establish destinations and use for multiple trips. Expat budget to go to alternate destinations and use for multiple trips. Expat can take home leave 12 months prior to actual accrual and for 12 months following the accrual Eligibility begins 1 year after start of assignment. May request lump sum payments Eligibility after 7 months on assignment and in 12 months intervals thereafter.
DUAL CAREER/ Compensate for the Unavailable Career search
SPOUSAL INCOME lost goods/services that the spouses income contributes to the families goods and services spending. Offset home country housing and utilities costs by spouses percentage of contribution to the total family income.   reimbursement of $7,500 or tuition reimbursement overseas
  1. Texas Instruments Policy #02-06-04 “International Cross-Regional Assignments” (1996)
  2. Motorola International Personal Policy Manual (1992)
  3. Colgate-Palmolive Case.


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Organization Resources Counselors, Inc.

(ORC) Global Relocation Trends 1995 Survey Report

Sponsored by:

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The Management of Expatriates

Chris Brewster

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  1. Stewart Black, Hal B. Gregersen, and Mark E. Mendenhall

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  • Form corporate entity with Sec. of State
  • Become signatory to WGA/DGA/SAG/Teamsters agreements
  • Trademark search for co.


  • Obtain copyright & title reports
  • MPAA title registration


  • Option/Purchase agreement
  • Register Short Form Option/Purchase with Copyright Office
  • Register story synopsis with WGA and Copyright Office if original story Writers agreement
  • Register Short Form Assignment with Copyright Office Obtain publisher waiver/privacy release Register screenplay with WGA and Copyright Office if work -made-for-hire


  • Producers agreement
  • Directors agreement
  • Actors agreements (weekly & daily players, including stunts;
  • Personal release form for street extras (must be non-SAG(have no lines)
  • Crew deal memos
  • Obtain deForest report
  • Location agreement
  • Poster/property licenses


  • Obtain production & negative insurance Obtain workers compensation insurance
  • Obtain completion bond


  • Submit screen and paid ad credits to WGA/DGA
  • Obtain E&O insurance
  • Obtain MPAA rating
  • Lab access letter
  • Prepare music cue sheets
  • Prepare continuity script
  • Clip license
  • Novelization agreement
  • Merchandising (toys, comic books, clothes, etc.)
  • Register film with Copyright Office


  • Music Supervisor agreement
  • Composer agreement
  • Synch/Master Use Licenses
  • Soundtrack agreement Obtain music publisher or

Publish music yourself + form dba of production co. + domestic (join ASCAP or BMI) + foreign (sub-license out)

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  • Clip license
  • Still license
  • Novelization agreement
  • Synch/Master Use license
  • Music Supervisor agreement
  • Composer agreement
  • Soundtrack agreement
  • Lab access letter
  • Cassette loan agreement
  • Print loan agreement


  • AFMA form
  • Output agreement

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