For Those Interested to Enter Security Surveillance Market

November 16, 2013 0 comments

You can see three of my previous posts about Entering Security Surveillance Market.

We definitely can be your technology partner.

Whether an entrepreneur, an industry professional with leads and ability to organize sales, or a company who is producing non-expensive IP cameras.

Our technology can be used not only for video surveillance, but for software for focus groups and real time broadcasting for conferences and VIP events.

We have a working prototype, so we can show how the video surveillance can be conducted. We take care of datacenter and storage.

If you are experienced online marketer or a sales person, you also can become a strategic partner. We can create subscription services and discuss with you options how to advertise.

We are not ready to work on the business plan for investors, as I tried to see if we can have enough clients to cover development expenses, and it is not as simple. It may be expensive to market this product to masses and even start with a smaller segment.

We can provide software and services, - and we can take care of design and creating collateral.

Tell me if you are interested in our technology, and we can sell you a perpetual license and arrange service retainer contract, so our code will shine for your customers.

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