Basic Design Cycle

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The basic design cycle is conceptualized in "Product Development Flowchart".

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It demonstrates the flow of ideas into an organization. Any of these sources may provide a fruitful product concept, however it is the designers’ task to pull the concept together. During the cycle the designer integrates knowledge and information to produce specifications that clearly define the product so that agreement can be reached with both customers and management. There is evidence to support the claim that customer requirements are paramount in this process, therefore it is imperative that designers find ways of getting close to customers (Peters and Austin).

Sometimes, however we don't deal with the consumer of products but work through a logistics chain of agents and distributors who may be highly influential in the decision-making chain. In this case there is a need to get beyond the immediate customer and find out about consumers requirements and motivators. The consumer valued benefit may appear to be of little consequence to agents in the logistics or supply chain, who may view the product as another product line, but if the consumer does not recognize value in the product then the supply chain will fail. It is therefore important to look at all the elements in the supply chain and design the product in such a way that everyone involved in the process adds value and receives valued benefits in return (Zimmer and Scarborough).

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