Feasibility Plan

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a means of assessing the feasibility of a business venture to reduce the risks associated with start up and growth of a venture


Construct an outline business plan for your idea described in your 'Creativity Analysis'.

This will help you to construct later an effective plan for venture creation or regeneration. It will take you time to carry out necessary research. Your business plan should contain evidence of how you would identify and manage the critical success factors of the venture and manage risk factors during the start-up process, or redevelopment process of an existing business.

The marking scheme will reward well thought through submissions where there is sufficient evidence of understanding of how to research a venture.

The plan should demonstrate:

  • the way in which the venture could be established
  • the critical factors of each section
  • the risks and how these will be managed

Include information regarding how you would collect data, establish facts and project financial management information to ensure the viability of the project.

This document also may be required for presenting it to prospective investors.

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