Sources of Ideas

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The Practice of Ideas: Identifying, Advocating and Making It Happen

  • Your education

  • Professional work based experience

  • Hobbies, leisure, adventures

  • Associating with friends, relations, business or social acquaintances who have ideas

  • Visiting trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, craft fairs

  • Analysing other peoples successful ideas

  • Redesigning successful ideas to:

    (1) deliver to new markets;

    (2) adapt for alternative products or services

  • Researching published secondary sources of information:

    (1)patent applications;


    (3) experimental and technological advances

  • Purchasing
    (1)intellectual property rights, licenses, franchises,
    (2) incomplete projects
    (3) from a shortage, or absence of supply, unobtainable personal requirement

  • Accessing sponsorship funding to carry out pure research

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