Essential "Soft Skills"

May 27, 2007 0 comments

John Welch, an author of The Entrepreneur's Master Planning Guide, concluded from his studies of the activities of entrepreneurs that they appear to have

the following characteristics:

  • good health
  • a basic need to control and direct, with freedom to act and choose courses of action (although no need to exert power over others)
  • self-confidence especially in the face of adversity, as long as he is in control; uncomfortable as a team member (a real maverick); a little increase in control generates a large increase in self-confidence
  • a relentless drive; high degree of achievement orientation
  • a comprehensive awareness of total environment
  • realistic; wants to measure results, personally verify data; his word is his bond; high sense of integrity superior conceptual ability; can see important relationships in seemingly confusing situations; quite clear in approach and in seeking alternatives
  • low need for status; status is achievement; wants to be where the action is objective approach to interpersonal relationships
  • sufficient emotional stability
  • attracted to challenge where the odds are "interesting," which may create the impression of a high risk taker, though this is not true

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