Entrepreneur test

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Questions that you need to take in considerations if you want to become an entrepreneur

What makes an entrepreneur?

Why are some people entrepreneurial and others not?

How can people become entrepreneurial?

What motivates entrepreneurs to strike out on their own and set up new business enterprises?

Is there a pattern of motives, values, and interests that can properly be identified as entrepreneurial?

How do their life path circumstances influence their entrepreneurial behaviour?

What stimulates the birth rate?

How do entrepreneurs settle their ideas?

Do entrepreneurs evaluate risks in start up?

    If so - in what way?

Do entrepreneurs test their ideas?

    If not - why not?

    If they do - How do they do it?

How are results analysed?

Do entrepreneurs consciously create strategies?

        If so -  How do they formulate them?

        How are they structured?

        How are they communicated?

        How are they evaluated?

Are the strategies proactive or mainly reactive?

How different are they from other leadership groups in our society?

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