Some definitions for the word entrepreneur

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'Entrepreneur' origin French, translated means 'goes -- between' or 'between -- taker' when applied to business (Collins, et al. 1964) otherwise 'contractor' someone who marshals the forces to fulfil opportunities in the marketplace and ventures (Gray and Smeltzer, 1989).

In the past, entrepreneurs were considered to be either 'robber barons' who exploited people for their own success, or 'captains of industry' who led the nation in the development of the economy (Myres, 1907).

Social and clinical psychologists have described entrepreneurs as 'jungle fighters' characterised by 'sadistic authoritarian tendencies, (Maccoby, 1976).

Negative connotations include manipulation, greed, avarice and grasping acquisitiveness (Collins, et al 1964)

Professor Brian Loasby defines an entrepreneur  'as someone who conceives of a new theory and introduces a new policy.'

To sum up,

An entrepreneur is someone who identifies an opportunity for gainful change and who accesses and mobilises resources to effect the change and thereby provides benefits to all the participants.

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