Characteristics of a Good Manager

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The way a manager gets things done is through people; the achievement of goals depends on the interactions of those people.

"Reciprocity and social exchange occurs in all business interactions. Any business exchange involves the reciprocation of tangible or intangible outcomes which are seen as valuable' Carsrud.

Managers need to understand the motivational factors governing the actions of others and provide reciprocal transactional benefits, because if they don't the exchange will cease.

A good manager must be able to perform the four basic management functions of

planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling.

The implied areas of excellence in performance of these functions include

  1. leadership qualities,
  2. decision-making techniques
  3. and the ability to communicate.

Managers should also possess

  1. the personal qualities;
  2. sense of responsibility; willingness to co-operate with others;
  3. demonstrate integrity and intelligence;
  4. be fair and just;
  5. a willingness to work hard; loyalty to the company;
  6. loyalty to the workforce.

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