Venture Management

May 26, 2007 0 comments

Just because someone is an entrepreneur or acts in an entrepreneurial manner doesn't mean that they are necessarily a good manager. Managers are not born 'good managers', just as entrepreneurs are not born 'good entrepreneurs'. They may have natural abilities, but to be good at either they have to work at it.

From its inception the development and growth of an organization is dependent on the driving force of the person who champions the idea. The managerial style of the entrepreneur or entrepreneurial team, who set up the organization, will be reflected in its structure.

Management of a venture, company, division, requires more than just a vision, it requires a set of business and operational management skills to direct, monitor, and control all aspects of the organization.

A functional structure is required to set authority and responsibilities levels and provide a framework for decision making.

Entrepreneurs must possess these skills, or be prepared to learn them, or acquire them, if they are to be successful in the long term.

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