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Lisa Smirnova



Project Manager with over 10 years of experience leading multicultural, multi-functional teams.

Diverse business acumen encompassing business development, marketing, consumer market research, and engineering.

Utilize strong time management skills and market data research abilities getting the marketing results the company needs to succeed.

Team player with the ability to manage unstructured work that entails design, invention, and change.

Excellent communication skills: an attentive listener, articulate speaker and persuasive negotiator with fluency in English, Russian and Ukrainian


  • Created custom gaming app platform for a tech startup resulting in 5 million in series A round funding
  • Launched an advertising platform for mobile apps, which generated 500k in revenue over a 5 year period.
  • Released 225 apps published in the Apple App Store
  • Launched the first student radio app in the nation for UCLA Radio
  • Redesigned & built BruinWalk - a social networking website for students with professor reviews, apartments to rent, calendar of events increasing visitor conversion rate by 50%.
  • Our platforms voted best student media in the nation award from 2010 to 2014 UCLA
  • Implemented a workflow and business automation platform for CCAPP which decreased processing errors by 95% totally replacing manual paper-based processes and impacted a productivity gain of 70% over a ten year period.


Kharkov Civil Engineering University

Master of Science in Economics

Kharkov State Academy of Municipal Economy

Bachelor Degree of Science in Engineering


MarpaSoft LLC, Los Angeles, CA 2009 - Present

Founder - Product Manager/Business Development

MarpaSoft LLC is a Los Angeles based full-service agency specializing in creative design, custom web & iOS application development.

  • Negotiate contracts and project budgets. Translate contracts into statements of work, and turn them into project requirements.
  • Manage requirements and proactively track deliverables.
  • Lead and deliver multiple projects and releases simultaneously.
  • Continuously assess project risks and plan actions to mitigate.
  • Analyze and research market trends and competitors, provide ideas to enhance customers’ businesses.
  • Acquired 23 customers.
  • Managed the development of 17 complex database driven websites & 225 mobile applications using Python/Django/Objective C, PostgreSQL.
  • Automated the app submission process and maintain multiple productions of apps simultaneously securing jobs for over 100 students at UCLA Associated Student Media.
  • Managed the development of SAAS Custom CRM.

Director, Business and Customer Development

11/07 – 11/09

Share Now, Beverly Hills, CA

IT/Media Sharing/Social Networking

  • Led teams of 20+ development, engineering, design and marketing professionals in all phases of product development (from requirements gathering through a build, test phases, QA, launch, and support). Successfully managed remove, outsourcing and in-house teams.
  • Managed annual project budget of $900,000.00. Successfully exceeded department expectations in achieving project milestones, resulting in significant time (50%) and cost savings (est. $100K savings).
  • Led IT recruiting activities hiring 8 programmers, 4 system administrators, 2 DBAs, and 12 marketing managers.
  • Trained marketing managers of software usage.
  • Oversaw each phase of development is delivered on schedule and with high-quality results.
  • Conducted interviews and created surveys to improve usability of a product.
  • Analyzed the results of surveys and proposed new user-friendly features for social network users which resulted with over 2 million clicks per month.

LRN Product Manager 2006-2007

  • Managed a delivery of ethical compliance program for AIG, Apogee Enterprises, Aleris, BASF, Biomet, BMC, BP Pipelines, Cameron, Dow Chemical, Computer Associates, eBay, Follett, Johnson & Jonson, Mitre, National Semiconductor, Viacom bringing over 14M annually.
  • Participated in business process reengineering cutting 40 percent of budget on technical support

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MarpaSoft Mobile Practice Management for plastic and eye surgeons, medical spa managers and aesthetic medical practitioners

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We are in a process of launching a platform for creating native iPhone and iPad applications for several industry segments.

We have a client who is a celebrity plastic surgeons and we created for him a website and helped with SEO and online marketing. The challenge is that he is constantly busy to test our solutions. If you want to have a free prototype of iPhone applications, you can contact me, and you will have one.

Here is basic market research why we think that this product will sell well.

Here what you need to know about medical applications:

Problem #1

More than 20,000 mobile apps available to have patients to do everything. Only 21 apps approved by US Food and Drug Administration that set standards for safety, operability, privacy and content, but most of them haven’t undergone independent third party review. So far, doctors have been in no rush to recommend apps for patients. One reason: the off-putting number of titles. Concerns about app quality and authority holds doctors back. Doctors are not incentivized to use current apps.

Not a single app helps doctors to do their jobs better. And this is what we intent to do with our product offering.

Problem #2

Patient Portals Grow but Still have Problems

There are number of secure websites through which patients can access electronic health records, appointment schedules, test results and current medication. Portals would ideally allow patients to update contact information and patient histories, pay bills, request prescription refills, and communicate with providers via secure email. Granting patients online access to all of this would, it is thought, lead to better quality and coordination of care and lower costs. That hasn’t worked out this way!

One problem is lack of interoperability. A patient may belong to several portals -- an insurer's, a pharmacy's, a provider's, and a hospital's -- each with different data about the patient's health, but none can share that information with the others. Portals are limited and aren't user-friendly. "It's not enough just to have a portal," says Monique Levy, vice president of research for Manhattan Research. "A portal must be well run." Doctors also not happy with current CRM offerings.


We are not planning yet to create a large portal, but our applications will serve as a portal and connect doctor and his patients and prospects via mobile applications.

We create high quality mobile apps that enhance doctor/patient relationships and help doctors to do better job of monitoring patients.

Inspire practice changing trends where doctors start to “prescribe” their licensed apps to patients and prospects.

Our Mantra

Increase quality of life for physicians and their patients and let doctors do their jobs easier

Market Size

Plastic surgery has $13Bl revenue with 5% growth and medical spa market makes 2.6 Bl with 14% of growth every year.

There are no companies with a dominant market share in the plastic surgery, dental, dermatology, and medical spa software. Nexttech.com is the largest player. Their price for CRM is $600 per months, they have 18,000 accounts, but doctors are not happy because software is lacking features and integration and a company does not want to do any new features. There is also an market opportunity.

Demand for plastic surgery and medical spa has been on the rise thanks to factors including the aging population, favorable public perception and technological advances. More people will need tools that will help them manage their businesses.


Mobile Apps - Today iPhone app will cost $15,000 if you hire a developer. There are number of iPhone and mobile providers that offer cheaper self-service solutions where doctors will need to set their apps themselves. This is not what busy doctors want, they rather let a company to manage the system and even to eventually update content.

Biggest player who creates just mobile applications - is mobileroadie.com - their pricing is too high for customers - they charge from $8,000 for creating a basic application. They also charge monthly $99 per month for iPhone and Android apps and $299 for iPad app.

Our pricing will be about $2,000 for building the application, and 50 dollars monthly for hosting client's application. We will both provide self-service mobile application platform and manage this service for the client. 

Social Media

Doctors and patients are flocking on Social Media. Social media Websites for doctors, patients, and medical researchers are exploding in popularity. Members use smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers to securely connect with nearly any US physician and collaborate on patient care or find the right medical expert for a patient.

The other competitor of ours is bigcommerce.com - the company provides ecommerce template website and mobile website, but they do not offer native mobile applications like we do. They also provide marketing tools that most of the plastic surgeons whom we interview are using it. They charge 24.95 per month for MVP and the max price is $299.95. We are planning to introduce template websites as well, and we can find ways to structure pricing policy better.

CRM - Nexttech.com provides patient management sofware for plastic surgeons and all functions are following HIPPA compliant standards. We build our system following HIPPA compliance and we can offer easier to use software.

There are other competitors - Patientnow.com and carecloud.com who provide practice management for cosmetic surgery, dermatology.

An avarage price for CRM is $600 per months, and a largest player has 18,000 doctors using it, but doctors are not happy because it is lacking features and integration and a company does not want to improve the offering. There is also a further market opportunity for us.

Business Model

Today we are looking for strategic partners and sales and plastic surgeons and medical spa practitioners who want to be first testers will get their applications for free with one year hosting in return for the reviews and feedback and referrals.

Bootstraping model starting with real world. Each account will generate 1,200 intiation fee + $30 a month. 1200+360=1560.

8 sales people can make 10 calls a day and get through to a prospect. There are 240 working days per year. Each successful sale brings $1560 per year.

5% of sales calls will convert within 3 months.

10 calls per/day x 240 days/year x 5% success rate x $1560/sale x 8 sales people = 10/1 x 240/1 x 5% x 1560/1 x 8 = $1,497,600.00

Recurring revenue 2st year - 10/1x 240 x 5% x 360 x 8 = 345,600

Sales people will make = 10/1 x 240/1x 5% x 500/1x 8 =480,000

We pay sales people $500 per sale, so based on projections each sales will make $60,000. 
We have a tolerant group of customers (3 plastic surgeons) who are willing to be guinea pigs

How We Generate Revenue

  • Continue selling and building mobile apps
  • Recurring income, $360 dollars per app per year
  • Transaction income - $1 dollar will be charged for each in-app purchase
  • Advertising income - when we will have over 200 apps with large numbers of downloads

Marketing & Sales

  • Recurring revenue
  • Word-of-mouth advertisement
  • PR via connections with newspapers
  • Presentations at local meetups and industry conferences

Management Team

Lisa Smirnova - CEO, 22 years of management consulting and business management experience. Handles of the responsibility of dozen of employees, great attention to detail.

Andrii Kurinnyi - VP of Technlogy, off-scale programming talent created a number of successful software products. A lead programmer with over 10 years of experience developing successful software, managing technical products, developing and leading teams. Andrew has advanced degree in math and computer science from a prestigious university in Ukraine. He also has degree in Business Administration with concentration in Finance and Marketing Certificate from UCLA Extension. Andrew does both front end and back end. Andrew has extreme enthusiasm for creating something new.


Dr. Roy Kim - celebrity plastic surgeon, well respected in the industry, gives a lot of presentations; knows what features are missing from current software plastic surgeons use and how to advertise and sell to other doctors

Nadine Curias - PhD in Marketing and Advertising Managed all advertising, communications and promotional programs resulting in new product introductions and increased consumer, brand and corporate awareness. Managed multiple advertising accounts including Sheba, Caesars World, Park Place Entertainment, Taisho Pharmaceuticals.

Peter Kraus, - Sales Consultant; teaches at UCLA Extension

Our Employees

Anatolii Kucheruck - PostreSQL guru (since 1996) and he also programs in Django/Python (3 years) and Objective C (6 months). He supports applications, and works on system administration and database development, automates software as a service.

Olya Drobitko - Creative Director

Current Status, Next Steps & Demo

MarpaSoft LLC is Los Angeles agency specializing in creative design, custom web and iOS application development.For over 4 years, we help companies create better websites, services and online products.

We have launched over 120 native iPhone apps

We take the best shot with a prototype, immediately get it to the market, and iterate quickly

We are currently looking for plastic surgery offices and medical spas to offer free prototypes in iPhone and validating business ideas.

Please, contact us if you have a business propositions, have comment, want to know more. The market is growing and if you are good at sales, you will find an excellent opportunity.

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Steps Involved in Developing a New Business

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A few days ago I was offered to prepare the presentation on entrepreneurship and why Los Angeles to be a better place of doing business.

While brainstorming how to combine most valuable of my experiences in my speech, I decided to make sure I prepare several presentations, because it may easily happen that most of the people in the room will be looking to start a business now or in near future, or even better already started and need to hear about somebody trying and doing the same.

I think the most important is to have an elevator speech that successfully describes your business. I am struggle with this myself. The successful elevator speech can be developed later into executive summary. This is the first step into developing and delivering impressive investor presentation. Here I want to mention you need to conduct an extensive research - both competitor analysis and their pricing strategy and detailed consumer market research that will help you to prove a business concept.

Every Investor wants to know

Even most investors are daydreaming to hear new Facebook coming, but realistically you need to know right away that people can buy your products or services. Most companies fail because they do not do their homework, they have this perfect idea, and later they may realize that investments are gone, but their clients were not willing to pay the price.

Nowadays there are new ways to fund our projects, and if the project is community related the best step is to do crowd funding; if your product is business to business or business oriented, it is better to bootstrap it with your clients and have a prototype ready before you go to ask for money.

Elevator speech

I want to talk here in this post of the elements of elevator speech and what it takes to create a right approach.

Elements of a Pitch

(adapted from Conor Neill)

  1. Description of the problem you solve
  2. The individuals or groups that will benefit
  3. The specific product or service you deliver
  4. How you differ from competitors and substitutes
  5. How you will make money
  6. What resources you require (money, time, support, expertise)

Enumerate the Steps Involved in Developing a new Business

Here is an interesting article about those steps Summary of Survey of 650 startups

One of the steps to be successful is to constantly learn and apply your knowledge to make more money:

"Founders that learn are more successful: Startups that have helpful mentors, track metrics effectively, and learn from startup thought leaders raise 7x more money and have 3.5x better user growth."

Here is another fact:

"The right mentors significantly influence a company's performance and ability to raise money. "


Innovation is a very important factor to success: but today you need to know as much as you can not just about your business, but about technologies available that only technical person can help you with to translate your requirements into products with innovation. Most people overlook importance of technical founders.

Here is how you can innovate

  1. New Product or Product Quality
  2. New Method of Production
  3. New Market
  4. Conquest of Raw Material
  5. New Kind of Organization

(adapted form Schumpeter)

Pitch your idea to 12 strangers

In conclusion, in order to be successful, the very first thing you need to start is to pitch your business idea to 12 strangers, I would suggest that at least 4 of those people will be professionals form the industry to which you are going to sell). Track their responses, including the questions they ask, and prepare report.

Sometimes you can analyze the consumers and the industry by just talking to a small segment.

Here is a good example how my partner validated idea for writing software for Digital Video Surveillance and the problems we uncovered during our research phase. We had a software we previously delivered for real time broadcasting in Erlang, so we just bought non-expencive IP camera ($20) and very non-expensive computer ($60 bucks, - today there are plenty of other hardware such us www.raspberrypi.org for as low as $25.00. It worked perfectly and even the resolution was good.

Validating the idea of writing a software for Digital Video Surveillance

You also can read about

Creative Marketing Research for Digital Video Surveillance

or become our strategic partner

to enter Security Surveillance Marketplace.

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For Those Interested to Enter Security Surveillance Market

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You can see three of my previous posts about Entering Security Surveillance Market.

We definitely can be your technology partner.

Whether an entrepreneur, an industry professional with leads and ability to organize sales, or a company who is producing non-expensive IP cameras.

Our technology can be used not only for video surveillance, but for software for focus groups and real time broadcasting for conferences and VIP events.

We have a working prototype, so we can show how the video surveillance can be conducted. We take care of datacenter and storage.

If you are experienced online marketer or a sales person, you also can become a strategic partner. We can create subscription services and discuss with you options how to advertise.

We are not ready to work on the business plan for investors, as I tried to see if we can have enough clients to cover development expenses, and it is not as simple. It may be expensive to market this product to masses and even start with a smaller segment.

We can provide software and services, - and we can take care of design and creating collateral.

Tell me if you are interested in our technology, and we can sell you a perpetual license and arrange service retainer contract, so our code will shine for your customers.

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Creative Marketing Research

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Executive Summary

Video surveillance makes good business sense and is a necessary tool in today’s vulnerable business environment. Digital video provides not only security but an easy- to-use management tool. Just think of each camera as a dedicated employee, who works 24 hours a day without taking a coffee break, vacation or sick day. Most of all, your electronic employee has a memory that does not forget, is accurate and provides a true return on investment.

The effective use of digital video surveillance equipment can reduce liability & workers’ compensation premiums, fraudulent insurance claims, and may assist in the prevention and apprehension of dishonest employees and customers. Today’s technology also provides the ability to watch your business remotely from home or other locations.

There are numerous types of cameras and digital video recorders to fit various applications. Entrance/exit cameras, cash register/counter cameras, interior cameras, exterior cameras and digital recorders are the basic components of a digital video surveillance system.

Our research is focused on finding out what digital video surveillance products are used on today’s market, what features are missing and if we propose a new product of the market what features they expect and what will be the cost.

Background Information

At MarpaSoft LLC, we were thinking to introduce our new product (let us call it MarpaSoft Digital Security) to enter digital security surveillance market.

Key technology:

Web Development, Django/Python/Erlang/PostgreSQL, Online Broadcasting, Offsite Backups.


  • How to position its products
  • How to differentiate from competitors
  • Find our what kind of our services are most needed for the market and our customers


  • Find our potential customers' emotional connections to security cameras
  • Find our main pain points with existing solutions on the market
  • The research findings will be used by the company to craft their future marketing message.

Benefits of Going Digital

High Resolution

The resolution and speed of frame capture settings on your digital video is critical in the successful capture of digital video evidence. Without the great looking video you see on your monitor will not be what is actually recorded.


You do not need to have your equipment on site where it can be damaged or stolen in case of the accident. We can provide hosting for all your backups and real time video. We believe that the business community will maximize the Return On Investment using online digital surveillance systems.

Business Facts

  1. Construction Industry: Over 500 pieces of construction equipment go missing each week in the United States. Bad news is only 10-15% is ever recovered. On top of that staggering number is material theft, especially copper. Construction site theft has been increasing by 10% every year since 1996 with no signs of slowing down. Due to this staggering fact, insurance companies are actively denying claims made in regard to construction site property.
  2. Bar & Restaurant Industry: Statistics report 85% of all Bar and Restaurant robberies are inside jobs. Keep an eye on employee activity with our Bar and Restaurant Surveillance Systems. Bar and Restaurant Security Cameras are being installed in Bar and Restaurants across America. They are giving owners and customers an excellent sense of security. Security Systems can now interface with your cash register or POS system which records and displays all transaction data to the recorded image.
  3. Day Care Childcare: Childcare centers are perfect for video surveillance. With the number of working parents increasing, childcare is becoming an essential part of early education. A video surveillance system at your day care or childcare center can help keep children safe and provide parents with peace of mind. Online Real Time Digital Sureillance services: will keep children safe, provide parents with valuable information how their kids doing at the center, keep employers safe.
  4. High School: High Schools today face gang violence, drug activities and other societal problems that threaten both the students and their ability to learn. Our services are giving Students, Teachers and Parents an excellent sense of security. High School Security Cameras have also proved to halt violence before it starts as they catch bully activities, gang visits and drug testing. High School administrators have access to what is going on in and around classrooms. Teachers believe the use of High School Surveillance in classrooms helps improve behavior and even raise test scores!


I have conducted two ZMELT interviews, 4 in-depth and informational interviews with the Head of Security at Hollywood and Highland Parking structure, Sal Hernandez, a parking security at Wilshire and Nomandie building, Adrian, a taxi driver, Ivan, and a friend who lives in a large residential estate in Los Angeles that costing over 5M.

I also conducted an Internet research what is available on the market, small and large players, their products and services.

Interviews about Surveillance Systems

The First Interview

The first interview took place at Hollywood & Highland Parking location. The head of security, Sal, was answering questions. Sal previously worked as a police officer and detective and had extensive experience with various surveillance systems. He currently works for Andrews International and their symbol of protection is eagle. They currently use AMHouse surveillance system. His company was employed by owner of the building who made a selection of system.

Andrews International (AI), headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is a full service provider of security and risk mitigation services; and the largest private, American-owned full-service security provider in the United States. The firm's portfolio of services includes uniformed security, consulting and investigations, personal protection, asset protection, special event security, disaster and emergency response, and specialized training services nationally & internationally.

Sal said that usually the owners of big locations are selecting the systems they want to work. The market is very competitive and there are plenty of products on the market. He also was working with other digital surveillance providers such as North Star and West Co.

He was talking about the expectations from surveillance systems. Usually people consider spending from 10,000 and up for the installation. But they look for the warranty and expect that equipment will be changed if damaged or outdated and they expect non expensive upgrades of new technology.

They expect to have very high quality of cameras and equipment, because they need to recognize all faces and numbers of vehicles.

He said that there are not many accidents on the location.

Sal says that he also is called to be a consultant for large events. He decides where to set cameras. He said that cameras that go around, sometimes cannot catch everything and it is very important to find the correct places where cameras should be. He said that he is very happy to work with current provider AM House, as well as North Star and West Co, because these companies provide best customer service. The customer service is the most important in this business.

Sal suggested me to contact police offices and firms that conduct investigations because they have limited budgets and they would not expect to spend as much money, and rather pay on monthly basis.

Sal uses home surveillance systems for his houses, and mostly buys whatever current on the market. He said there are even more choices for home surveillance systems then for large businesses. He prefers to install everything himself, as he cannot imagine that it will be complicated. Sal did not let me to record anything as he said security business is a very sensitive field. He agreed to be interviewed because this was for the class.

Second Interview

Second Interview was conducted at a big parking structure at Wilshire and Normandie. The name of security guard is Adrian. Adrian works for the company for 8 months. The name of security company is ABM security. They are using Shindler Surveillance. He said that the building had power outage recently and they needed to use generators. He said that the system was very expensive to install, and they pay monthly for the service and they have three engineers at the location at all times because the system requires constant maintenance. Adrian said that engineers needed to stay overtime when there was power outage. So he could not tell me their monthly spendings. He is sure that it does not mater how expensive system will be, they just need a quality and a good service. He said that the systems are protecting only public areas, corridors, elevators, parking, and what is going on streets around the building. The offices have their own security surveillance systems. He said that he recently caught a person stealing a purse and he told me that it was amazing because the thief was on every camera around the building, so security caught him at the other end of the building.

Adrian was asked if he would use security surveillance at home. He said that he does not need to because his other and sister are mostly at home. He would not imagine why he would need a system when a house is protected at all times.

I asked what are the most important images for him that he can associate with security. He said a car, in the first place, the house, in the second place and the girlfriend. All these images make him secure.

Third Interview

The Third Interview was with a taxi driver, Ivan. He works at nights. Most of his trips are going through dangerous areas of Los Angeles. When I asked a question, How secure it is to drive at night? Ivan said he takes chances. Ivan considers Alvarado, East Los Angeles, South Central, Pomona and certain areas in Down Town as dangerous areas and he can tell stories about violence in these areas. Though, Ivan said that there are not so much stealing in taxi. Maybe one time a year, someone takes money from his pockets or gives him a fake dollar bill. Taxi cab travels to high crime neighborhoods. Ivan driver intoxicated passengers all the time.

Ivan and his taxi partner should get a new car with surveillance camera and a good partition. Ivan does not know what system he will get, and his partner has knowledge about it. Ivan said that they need to turn on surveillance system only when they work, and other times taxi stays at secured location with surveillance system.

Fourth Interview

I interviewed a friend who lives in a large house and expensive house in Los Angeles.

A few years ago they installed digital surveillance. Renan said that they turn it off and he even has hard time to remember if they had a need to use it.

Renan says that there are people at home: a cook, a maid at daytime, and a maid at night time, and a gardener, so there is somebody at home all the time; in his opinion, there is no need to record anything. He does not want to know if someone among his staff steals something like food or clothing. He wants to believe that people are honest. The house have a bank next door, so bank probably takes care of surveillance and records a large part of the street around the house.

Interview Five

An attorney, 35 years old, lives in Santa Monica.

He thinks about the security like a child under the blanket: warm, comfortable, secure, protected. This image could be used for advertisement to targeted segment.

He does not like the fact that most video cameras he used have low resolution images, and it is hard to see anything.

He does not like the idea about surveillance, because it is like "big brother watching", government based, but he said it "makes me powerful when I watch other people."

Interview Six

31-year old male Fashion Stylist, lives in Larchmont,Los Angeles. He thinks that security cameras make people want to stay away and makes people feel less welcome.


Survey results show us that people usually are reluctant to talk about security cameras because they feel this information is very sensitive. People in a local bank even did not want to answer any questions.

Homeowners prefer to instal cameras on their own, and they do not mind to use DVR surveillance systems. They are willing to buy expensive cameras and they mostly focused on quality of the images. There will be very hard to make a sale. Businesses who produce cameras can benefit form selling to the homeowners.

The enterprise security systems can be sold directly to the owners of the large commercial real estates because the buying decision is made by the owners or the board of directors. Most of businesses they create product around 4-5 corporate clients. The good part is that these people do not care about the cost, but they are looking for trust and long term relations. They hardly ever change providers.

It makes it very hard to find such clients to be able to sell.

Also when we conducted research, it is obvious that clients expect warranty and liability of equipment. We are in the software business, so in order to provide all services beyond customers’ expectations, we need to have a hardware partners, so clients can replace equipment within 24 hours or sooner.

People really do not care about online backups, and they are more concerned about security that nobody else had access to their footage. We did not interview the owners who hired security companies, but I guess the answer will be different because backups at the datacenter will have all backups if it will be break-and-entry.

We need to conduct more research about needs for online digital surveillance needs in smaller sectors, such as public schools, kindergartens and private detective agencies. There might be a need for a non-expensive surveillance cameras in bad neighborhoods, liquor stores, restaurants, - but these clients will have the most problems and the less ability to pay for the services.

There maybe a need for usage of online real time broadcasting technology for recordings of surveys and focus groups. But we need to make a detailed researches in all closely related areas prior making decisions about introducing a new product to the market.


The survey has shown that people are pretty much happy with the solutions they are currently using.

The video surveillance business includes a lot of decisions to make: how to place cameras if locations are large and have a lot of hidden areas. Some people are using specialists just to do this work. The business requires a lot of customer service. Some people prefer to pay for the installations if the installation will be complex. When we were looking into the security business, we did not realize how large is the business and what are customer expectations.

Security business also closely related to local police departments and city permits. It is probably easier to find local police department as a client and start from there. Also it is evident that if we want to be in this industry, we need to find private detective company or private security company who will partner with us: we provide surveillance packages and they apply their knowledge and services.

This business is hard because people have conflicting emotions about security and surveillance. People afraid that cameras can be easily destroyed and complicated to install. It can be too many things to consider for creating of a first product line.

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Validating the Idea of Writing a Software for the Digital Video Surveillance

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Our idea was to create a product for Digital Video Surveillance. we already built a software for real time broadcasting in Erlang and we could use it for real time digital video surveillance. We created a prototype and bought 20 dollar none-expensive camera, so we can do a Video Surveillance. Idea sounds interesting, and I decided to question people if they buy the product.

Video surveillance is needed in many industries.

In casinos, where the threat of criminal activity is as high as the stakes at the card table, it's important that facilities are properly monitored. The flow of people and money is constant, upping the risk of incident. But with the proper surveillance such worries are stifled, and the thrill and enjoyment of the gaming experience prevails.

Construction industry also needs a good surveillance. Fact is, over 500 pieces of construction equipment go missing each week in the United States. Bad news is only 10-15% is ever recovered. On top of that staggering number is material theft, especially copper. Construction site theft has been increasing by 10% every year since 1996 with no signs of slowing down. Due to this staggering fact, insurance companies are actively denying claims made in regard to construction site property.

The same goes for concerts and large events, museums, hospitals, hotels and motels, social clubs and even residential homes.

We were thinking that because we will provide non-expensive subscription service, - and host the video stream in a datacenter so data is never lost. I decided to talk to as many people as possible to find what people think about this business.

Digital Video Is Better then VHS

It was easy to prove that Digital Video Is Better then VHS.

Here are some whys.

The main advantages of digital recording are maintenance-free operation for longer periods of time and increased stream resolution. Consider a 24 hours time lapse VCR, which does the job in most cases. Every 24 hours, one has to change the tape, or program the VCR to automatically start over when the tape reaches the end. Time-lapse VCRs that record hundreds of hours on a tape - they just do not record every fraction of a second, but merely one image at every x seconds. If recording is not triggered by motion detectors, one can fail to catch the very important moment on tape. In another words, in order to record continuously (say 30 frames per second), there is only so much a tape can take. Digital technologies increase the storage ten or even hundred fold: a 60Gb hard drive stores live video for a week.

A thief can steal the tape if they find it.

  • Old technology is being face out.
  • Law recording resolutions and slow recording speed
  • It is hard for searching a specific incident because it is time consuming.
  • There is limited availability for parts and support.
  • It requires constant tape changing and maintenance
  • There is no remote reviewing capability from home or office.
  • You also need to storage tons of video tapes. Still people use it heavily.

Sample Questionnaires

I prepared several a questionnaires targeted to various industries:

Here is one example:

  1. What do you consider to be your biggest security threat?

  2. Have you ever wished you could have caught an incident on tape?

  3. Do you feel that your neighborhood contributes to your security?
What kind of security systems do you currently have in place?

  5. Do you have extended or all-day hours?
Do you think that stores open during the "graveyard shift" (12 AM - 8 AM) may be more susceptible to robbery and other crimes?
Have you ever had problems with robberies or employee theft?

  7. Can your cashier easily see all elements of the store from the cash register?

Pricing Ideas

For basic 4 camera digital video recording system for a small retail and office type business, people spend $4,500.00 plus installation. Medium, large and proprietary businesses spend proportionally more based on their individual security needs. And our idea was much more affordable - about 100 bucks for equipment and 20 bucks for the subscriptions.

Next post will be about how I was consulting interviews and results for analysis of the market.

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Marketing with Mobile Coupons

January 26, 2012 0 comments

Offering incentives, gifts, freebies, and samples

It should come as no surprise to you that people respond to incentives. Offer them something of value, and they will be more inclined to participate in your program and initiate conversation with you. Continue offering value, and they become your customers. Then they become loyal customers.

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Importance of Mobile Social Media Marketing

January 26, 2012 0 comments

Social media mobile marketing is all about successfully encouraging your customers to participate in your marketing programs by communicating with your customers about your products and services via comments and content. Nature of mobile phones allows users to participate more conveniently because they can make contributions anytime anywhere. The future of mobile phones is sound because you can integrate mobile technology into your brand and community and engage your customers with your dialogue and better offerings.

Integrating mobile with your social media strategy

Most of people do not carry their computers around all day. Often people access the web via their smartphones. You need to create a social media strategy so your audience are drawn together to interact with your brand through their smartphones, build common interests and your brand community.

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Creating Content for Mobile Website

January 26, 2012 0 comments

Creating a content for mobile websites is not a big challenge. It works much the same as creating a copy.

Mobile site vs apps and role of html5

Html5 was developed in 2007 by w3c.org

Recently we see more companies Launched mobile websites based on html5. HTML5 offers many advantages.

MarpaSoft LLC builds high-engagement web, mobile, and social apps for startups, established brands, nonprofits, and organizations of all kinds.

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Mobile Code of Conduct

January 26, 2012 0 comments

You need to create a mobile code of conduct for use of your applications.

A Statement of Intend

Your and your community's goals are to engage our customers through the mobile channel in a safe, easy, consumer-friendly way, do they can interact with your brand.

Engage Users and Protect their Data

You need to insure that consumers interact with your brand on a voluntary basis and in a highly secure environment using state-of-art encryption and security protocols to protect against inadequate disclosures, misappropriation, and external attacks.

You ned to specify what code of conduct you expect form your users and the community

  • Your users should behave in a polite manner at all times
  • Users should not post anything obscene, offensive, discriminatory, pornographic, defamatory, liable to incite racial hatred, in breach of confidentiality or privacy, which may cause annoyance or inconvenience to others, is harmful, tortuous, which encourages or constitutes conduct that would be deemed a criminal offense, is considered illegal, or that promotes physical harm or injury against any group or individual.
  • No User will defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights of any other community User or Owner

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