International Educational Project, Scotland and Ukraine

Education Management Industry
02/98 - 01/02
Project Manager

Duties: Business Development, Project Management, Legal Representation, Public/Government Relations Management, Educational Sales and Training

Business Development

  • Obtained grant money from the European Union for 3 universities (Scotland, Finland, and Ukraine) to create new degree programs in Environmental Management for Energy Production
  • This enabled the exchange of Ph.D. students, guest instructors, and joint curricula development

Project Management

  • Supervised 30 members of academic staff while keeping the project under the budget of $550K. The salaries of Ukrainian professionals were at $3.00 an hour, while they were about $35 for foreign participants.
  • Successfully exceeded department expectations in achieving project milestones, resulting in significant time (50%) and cost savings (est. $40K savings)
  • Oversaw the development software system for the "student-teacher" computer dialog system
  • Managed the development of a software program based on mathematical modeling to analyze Labor Market for all environmental institutions in the Ukraine. Application analyzes data and creates reports in terms of graphs and tabular forms.
  • 0rganized and facilitated seminars, workshops, training courses to explain the Environmental Engineering and Management Program to foster collaborative work
  • Managed the translation, editing and preparation of teaching materials for specialized courses: “Energy-Saving Technologies for the Environment”


  • Managed the certification by the Ministry of Education of the Ukraine for the new curriculum (Environmental Engineering and Management), which established a new career specialization for the Ministry of Labor
  • Managed the contracts between Program Coordinator and Instructors (or their legal agents)

Public Relations

  • Presented project outcomes at an international educational conference: “Svit Osvity” (over 200 exhibits and over 10,000 students) in Kiev from September 30th
  • Met with primary sponsor of Tempus Tacis Program, (Jean-Guillaume Ditter) on October 1, 1999, to discuss financial requirements and research progress
  • Presented the project to the News Media and presented all information of current funding to grant participants to establish new projects
  • Presented results of the project to the Management Conference at the City of Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine), 4-5 Nov. 1999 as a Project Manager

Government Relations Management

  • Discussed major issues about the Ukrainian Energy market with President of Ukraine, Kuchma (on March 17, 1999 at the Kharkov State University of Municipal Economics) and Vice Speaker of Parliament (1999-2000)

Educational Sales

  • Coordinated inside sales efforts of new programs targeting prospective students
  • Made presentations and promotions of new professional degree programs at conferences, schools, workshops, meetings and in professional organizations

Training and Seminars

  • Extensive experience in design, development, and coordination of training programs in international academic, government, and commercial environments
  • Conduct training on the subjects of management systems and technology, customer relations, international business management, and entrepreneurial strategies.