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LisaConsulting Blog

I write LisaConsulting Blog in hopes of giving entrepreneurs a view into the venture process. Further, I am hopeful that more entrepreneurs will begin to share their experiences. And I look forward to continuing to write my thoughts on entrepreneurship, marketing, branding and the like topics.

You can email me your ideas and thoughts if you wish me to write on some subjects that are not covered in the blog in this fields.

I look forward to working with bloggers, content creators & strategic partners to launch together Internet startups. I am also interested meeting with entrepreneurs who launch ultra-successful products and services.

Consulting Services:

My partner, Andrii Kurinnyi and I own full service agency MarpaSoft LLC specializing in creative design, custom web and iOS application development for startups and media companies located in Southern California and world wide.

Target businesses

Startups, media companies & advertising agencies located in Los Angeles

For Strategic Partners and Investors

We have built software/product prototypes in several industry segments, and we can discuss options if you want to do business with us, wants to invest, or can help with sales.

  • Real Time Broadcasting
  • Digital Video Surveillance, web application similar to Netflix (was built in 2009 for en2go that went out of business)
  • Penny Bidding Auction (here are a lot of opportunities for you to create your auction rules and algorithms)
  • Ebay type of auction
  • Website similar to Yelp for local businesses
  • CRM on demand
  • a number of social networking websites.