EnergoFinTrust, Investment and Stock Company, Kharkov , Ukraine

Originally started as Law Offices. Company successfully established a client in a face of energy production corporation that enable the company to sell energy stock.

Management Consulting Industry
04/94 - 04/02
Managing Director of Energy Stock Sales and Foreign Investments

Joint Venture Development

  • Developed and directed partnership in joint venture companies establishing business plans and analyzing financial data on Ukrainian Energy Market.

Government Relations Management

  • Expedited high-level negotiations between government and private industry sector establishing strategic directions and developing solutions to meet market challenges.

Management Consulting

  • Advised potential joint venture partners on selection of companies through financial business analysis and market research of the Ukrainian Energy Market.

Sales and Management Training

  • Implemented sales plans and programs for Energy Brokering Business in Ukraine.
  • Coordinated employee training and development seminars for 45 sales managers and salesmen in all aspects of energy brokering in Ukraine, including: strategic management, customer relations, sales and contract negotiations
  • Introduced just-in-time activities that increased operation productivity by 15% and reduced training costs by 50%
  • Managed the creation of relational database of energy production distributors and their consumers using MS Access. Implementation of the system improved stock company sales of 50%
  • Taught in major corporate and executive business development programs for top and middle managers in the Ukraine. Click here to see list of lectures available.