Core Competencies

  • Visionary Leadership. Business Planning and Strategy. Big Picture Focus
  • Business Development. Account Management.
  • Consumer Market Research
  • Effective Writing and Presentation Skills
  • Product and Project Management
  • Mentoring and Coaching

  • Accomplishments

    • Created custom gaming app platform for a tech startup resulting in 5 million in series A round funding
    • Launched an advertising platform for mobile apps, which generated 500k in revenue over a 5 year period.
    • Released 225 apps published in the Apple App Store
    • Launched the first student radio app in the nation for UCLA Radio
    • Redesigned & built BruinWalk - a social networking website for students with professor reviews, apartments to rent, calendar of events increasing visitor conversion rate by 50%.
    • Our platforms voted best student media in the nation award from 2010 to 2014 UCLA
    • Implemented a workflow and business automation platform for CCAPP which decreased processing errors by 95% totally replacing manual paper-based processes and impacted a productivity gain of 70% over a ten year period.

    Immediate Value Offering

    • Product & Project Manager with over 10 years of experience leading multicultural, multi-functional teams.
    • Diverse business acumen encompassing business development, marketing, consumer market research, and engineering.
    • Ability to work under pressure in fast-paced, constantly changing environment.
    • Excellent organizational, and time management skills.
    • Team player with the ability to manage unstructured work that entails design, invention, and change.


    MarpaSoft LLC , Los Angeles, CA

    Information Technology and Services Industry
    02/09 - Present
    Founder and Product Manager

    MarpaSoft LLC is a Los Angeles based full-service agency specializing in creative design, custom web & iOS application development.

    • Negotiate contracts and project budgets. Translate contracts into statements of work, and turn them into project requirements.
    • Manage requirements and proactively track deliverables.
    • Lead and deliver multiple projects and releases simultaneously.
    • Continuously assess project risks and plan actions to mitigate.
    • Analyze and research market trends and competitors, provide ideas to enhance customers’ businesses.
    • Acquired 23 customers.
    • Managed the development of 17 complex database driven websites & 225 mobile applications using Python/Django/Objective C, PostgreSQL.
    • Automated the app submission process and maintain multiple productions of apps simultaneously securing jobs for over 100 students at UCLA Associated Student Media.
    • Managed the development of SAAS Custom CRM.

    ShareNow, Beverly Hills, CA

    Social Networking Start Up
    Product and Project Manager

    02/01/08 - 10/14/09

    • Led teams of 20+ development, engineering, design and marketing professionals in all phases of product development (from requirements gathering through a build, test phases, QA, launch, and support). Successfully managed remove, outsourcing and in-house teams.
    • Managed annual project budget of $900,000.00. Successfully exceeded department expectations in achieving project milestones, resulting in significant time (50%) and cost savings (est. $100K savings).
    • Led IT recruiting activities hiring 8 programmers, 4 system administrators, 2 DBAs, and 12 marketing managers.
    • Trained marketing managers of software usage.
    • Oversaw each phase of development is delivered on schedule and with high-quality results.
    • Conducted interviews and created surveys to improve usability of a product.
    • Analyzed the results of surveys and proposed new user-friendly features for social network users which resulted with over 2 million clicks per month.
    • Optimize and analyze product performance. Facilitate site acquisition and build networking communities; participate in development and implementation of grass roots and traditional marketing plans.

    LRN, Legal Research Network, Los Angeles, CA

    E-Learning Industry
    09/06 - 02/08
    Project Manager

    • Planed, deployed, and managed successful web-based legal and ethics training solutions for several Global 1000 companies.
    • Managed a delivery of ethical compliance program for AIG, Apogee Enterprises, Aleris, BASF, Biomet, BMC, BP Pipelines, Cameron, Dow Chemical, Computer Associates, eBay, Follett, Johnson & Jonson, Mitre, National Semiconductor, Viacom bringing over 14M annually.
    • Participated in business process reengineering cutting 40 percent of budget on technical support.

    Marvin Engineering, Angeles, CA

    02/06 - 08/06
    Purchasing Manager
    • Identified cost-savings opportunities by price comparison between multiple vendors saving $15,000 monthly.
    • Negotiated long-term agreements with suppliers saving the company over $50,000 each quarter.
    • Tracked a monthly budget of $500,000 for all purchases
    • Run weekly meetings with supply chain team to discuss product planning, inventory control, 
customer service and contract management which improved team collaboration and communication resulting in completion projects faster and exceeding department expectations.

    Selected Consulting Projects in USA 2002-2006

    Elixir, Los Angeles 2007

    Conducted business analysis and research on herbal health care needs of Americans; Proposed to create Elixir kiosks at the airports and promote a new brand. Wrote a business plan, and as a result, business was sold to a competitor.

    Quackers Entertainment, LLC

    Brought parties together and investment money for pre-production independent film project. Participated in preparing script and business planning.

    Cranium Film Works LA, Hollywood, CA

    Analyzed existing business plan and investment scenarios; conducted market research for Digital media on pricing, competitors and services available. Suggested a client not to look for an investor, but ask for money from his clients to purchase needed equipment. My idea worked within a week. I helped the owner of the business to raise $200,000.00 within my week of work. The company currently operates renting office space in Raleigh Studios since 2004.

    Innovative Computer Concepts, Pasadena, CA

    Made recommendations for the existing business plan. Conducted market research on structure and needs of Veterinary industry in California and Los Angeles area. Elicited requirements of a software development using interviews, surveys, tasks and workflow analysis – project in a process of being funded.

    Fulbright International Center, Arlington, Washington DC

    Helped to create business development proposal for a new Fulbright International Center providing support and grants for creative people and artists

    Hustler Club/424 Club, Beverly Hills, CA

    Wrote a business plan for a restaurant and burlesque show. As a result, the restaurant was opened at 424 Beverly Hills, CA. The concept changed over years and the company is still operating.

    Professional Experience in Europe Before Entering USA

    Project Manager

    International Educational Project, Scotland and Ukraine

    Managing Director

    EnergoFinTrust, Investment and Stock Company, Kharkov , Ukraine