Core Competencies

  • Visionary Leadership. Business Planning and Strategy. Big Picture Focus
  • Business Development. Account Management.
  • Consumer Market Research
  • Effective Writing and Presentation Skills
  • Product and Project Management
  • Mentoring and Coaching


    MarpaSoft LLC , Los Angeles, CA

    Information Technology and Services Industry
    02/09 - Present
    Founder and Product Manager

    Lead the development of workflow automation platform for CCAPP multi-level certifications. Implementation of the platform decreased processing errors by 95% and totally replaced manual paper-based processes requiring lots of human interventions with the streamlined online process of creating applications, signing, assigning, verifying, and tracking certification submissions and sending recertification reminders. Document transaction time decreased by 70%. CCAPP saves $120 per one-page processing gaining 70% productivity. Instant access to customer data & real-time reports increases response time by 80%, improves customer service satisfaction by 80% and customer retention by 99%.

    ShareNow, Beverly Hills, CA

    Social Networking Start Up
    Project and Product Manager

    Project Management 02/01/08 - 10/14/09

    • Oversee SDLC making sure that each phase of development is delivered on schedule and with high quality results. Lead IT recruiting activities.
    • Drive project requirements, priorities and deadlines, manage resources, coordinate cross-functional teams and manage on-time implementation
    • Analyze description of features, functions and benefits of products. Evaluate, recommend and implement product enhancements and new product concepts
    • Analyze every aspect of the user experience, putting users' needs and expectations first in the definition of requirements. Cultivate and constantly improve user experience. Create usability surveys.
    • Optimize and analyze product performance. Facilitate site acquisition and build networking communities; participate in development and implementation of grass roots and traditional marketing plans.

    LRN, Legal Research Network, Los Angeles, CA

    E-Learning Industry
    09/06 - 02/08
    Project Manager

    • Planed, deployed, and managed successful web-based legal and ethics training solutions for several Global 1000 companies.
    • Created product vision for creating knowledge management software. Analyzed description of features, functions and benefits of products.
    • Evaluated and recommended product enhancements based on market demand, sales abilities, and operational feasibility. Researched on improvements of education solutions to reinforce corporate culture and integrity.

    Marvin Engineering, Angeles, CA

    02/06 - 08/06
    Purchasing Manager
    • Procured materials, hardware, components and services required to ensure timely completion of customer contracts at a competitive price.
    • Signed and approved all purchase orders and requests affiliated with purchasing procedures.
    • Maintained records of all purchasing documentation and procedures of all actives.
    • Identified cost-savings opportunities. Negotiated best value by long-term agreements. Tracked a monthly budget of all purchases and verified all account codes for each purchase.

      Professional Experience in Europe Before Entering USA

      Project Manager

      International Educational Project, Scotland and Ukraine

      Managing Director

      EnergoFinTrust, Investment and Stock Company, Kharkov , Ukraine