Abertay University, Dundee, Scotland

Post Graduate Course, School of Engineering

Kharkov Civil Engineering University

Kharkov, Ukraine

Master Degree of Science in Economics

Kharkov State Academy of Municipal Economy

Kharkov, Ukraine

Bachelor Degree of Science in Engineering

    AA in Fashion Design

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    While studying in High School, completed AA in Fashion Design and learned about creating the latest clothing and style trends, designing unique wearable pieces, and showcasing their talents with creative design ideas.
    Knowledge of construction and modeling, Advanced Patternmaking, Couture Sewing, Fashion Collection Design


  • Web: HTML, CSS
  • Social Media Skills: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

    Software: Omnigraffle, Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Power Point), Project; IOS.

    DjangoCMS, WordPress, Magenta

    Project Management: Trello, Pivotal Tracker, GitLab, GitHub and Jira


    I have a strong background in education - before immigrating to USA I had experience teaching teaching at university, tutoring, being a mentor; and strong business development experience. I love to perform and be on stage.